Wanted: One Magic Lamp

The last chapter has been written, and I’m officially calling my story “done.” Now what?

My office was a sorry sight. I’d been in there with my face glued to the computer screen for so long, I didn’t realize what a confused jumble it had become. I don’t do well with jumble. I also knew this was going to be more than a 15-minute “tidy up,” so I set aside whatever part of Saturday it was going to take.

Three hours later, I had paper drafts gathered up for shredding, hard-copy notes and research documents corralled into a story binder all its own, and all hard surfaces cleared of dust, grime, and cat fuzz. Wow. It looks like someone actually might want to go in there, fire up the computer, and write!

And the fate of my story? It’s been submitted as an entry for the annual award competition. Out of my hands, into the great “out there,” which is a scary thought to begin with. It’s been something I’ve kept safe and sound, protected and nurtured, and not shared with anyone except my editor. It’s like raising a child – at some point, you have to let them go out into the big, wide world.

Turns out, cleaning my office and submitting an entry were the easy parts. Now I have to find my marketing mojo, if I even have any. This is NOT my strong suit, and it’s more exhausting than re-writing an entire chapter for the third time. Agent? How do I find one? Don’t bother with an agent and submit on my own? Where’s a magic lamp when I need it? I’d love to conjure up my perfect marketing/PR person and set them free. They could employ all of the perfect marketing strategies to get my book into the welcome hands of a respected publisher (and beyond!), and I could go into my freshly-cleaned office and get started on that sequel.

Magic Aladdin's Genie lamp on black with smoke


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  1. Marilyn Moses says:

    My dear Anne, I am in awe. Finishing one novel…then another…and letting them “die” on my own crusty shelf…is painfully familiar. I have a wonderful, new friend, Candace Simar, who introduced me to her editor/agent. I am not certain what genres besides fiction…especially historical fiction…she represents. Blue Cottage Press is her company. I like her very much and will soon be sending her a draft.
    Best ever to you, and as always: BRAVO! I love it that you are writing. I am certain of your impending success. Hugs, Marilyn Moses


    1. Anne Hawkinson says:

      Hi, Marilyn! It’s SO good to hear from you! I’ve thought about you often and valued your advice on writing! Yes, after my day job, I’ve been writing for middle-grade. Three of my stories were awarded Royal Palm Literary Awards from the Florida Writer’s Association and my latest (a mystery) has been entered in the annual competition (awards in October). In addition to this blog, I was selected to write blogs for the Outlander series. I’m loving that! Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://outlandercastblog.blogspot.com/. Best of luck with your writing! Keep me posted – I’d love to read your work! Take good care, and again, so good to hear from you!


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