Blogs: This Writer’s Fix

Blogs are my writing validators. They’re my quick fix. They bolster my belief in my writing ability, and they keep me moving forward, like a couple of Dove chocolates when I’d rather shut off the computer than re-write that scene in my middle-grade novel AGAIN.

I currently write two major blogs. The FWA (Florida Writer’s Association) blog began with an invitation after dinner at the FWA banquet several years ago. I was asked if I’d be interested in writing a blog about writing (?) and from the perspective of one who writes for middle-grade readers. I welcomed the opportunity, and contribute on a monthly basis. It gives me a chance to think “out loud” about my writing process, lament my failures, and share my struggles (and successes!) with others who may be experiencing the same. This blog has come to my rescue more than once. Through the process of writing, it’s presented me with a solution, idea, or answer to the problem I may be facing in my current writing project.

The second blog is a significant departure from the FWA blog. I applied, submitted a writing sample, and was accepted to contribute blogs based on the Outlander series broadcast on the STARZ network. An unapologetic plug follows – you can view my blog posts (not posted by me – they go through an approval process before being posted by their editor) at

The Outlander blogs are a treasure for me, in that I can write outside the middle-grade realm. I can expand on emotions, settings, and feelings in a way that I can’t in the “move the story forward” world of middle-grade readers. I’m writing as an adult viewer, about a story, setting, and literary world that I love.

Aside from those two, I blog about anything else that inspires me. A poem, perhaps, making chocolate chip cookies, or losing a lifelong pet. I might watch a TV series that prompts me to create a blog or lament on the hurricane that came through and made a mess of my yard.

I’ve just completed the laborious process of reading, editing, proofing (repeat countless times) my middle-grade novel. I think it’s finally DONE, or at least, I’m going to call it done, because every time I look at it, I find something else to tweak. Enough, already! Now the agonizing process begins of trying to find someone to publish it begins. Cue the rejections.

Blogs are great, because they get published. They soothe your bruised ego when the rejections flood your inbox. Your work gets out there, in front of other readers or other people who have the same interests and passions. I love blogs, because they’re a bit of instant gratification, validation of my talent and ability as a writer. I write 500 words or so about something I’m passionate about, and it gets sent out in to the “great out there” for others to read and comment on.

I never thought writing blogs would be so rewarding. I’m glad I write from two different perspectives, and I love that I get short bursts of success/validation while my middle –grade novel takes the slow road to (hopefully) publication.

Concept of blogging. Hand Holding Megaphone with Blog. Hand drawn illustration.


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