Surviving Droughtlander-This Outlander Fan’s Survival Guide

When I heard that Season Three of Outlander would not be aired until September, my brain jumped immediately to that song recorded by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, “See You in September.” It begs the question, “Will I see you in September?


Photo Credit: Dublin Concerts


I’m clinging to the hope that production goes according to schedule, there are no major mishaps, and the stars are in perfect alignment (if not perfect, then well enough for a September start). That being said, I needed a plan, something to get me through the empty, vast wasteland that I’ve dubbed, “The Outlander Void.” Here’s how I’ve survived to date:

I watch Seasons One and Two on a regular basis, as needed (self-medicating). Sure, I know what’s going to happen. I know when the tough parts are coming and when to grab a tissue. I’m also finding so many bits and details that I missed on previous viewings, and I get another keek at those gorgeous costumes, amazing sets, and the genius that is Bear McCreary. I’m not sure of the lifespan of DVDs, and I pray mine hold out at least until Droughtlander ends. If not, I’ll have to click “Emergency Rush Overnight Or Else” on my replacement order.


A short-term solution came to me quite unexpectedly. I plant milkweed in a sunny corner of the yard to do my small part in helping monarchs survive. The caterpillars come from somewhere, munch the plants down to stubby stems, and leave. This month I got lucky. One made a chrysalis in a small tree just above the milkweed plants. It won’t be in there come September, but I make daily visits to the tree and document its progress via camera and post them to Facebook and Twitter. Survival, one distraction/day at a time.


While my DVDs and player cooled from non-stop viewings, I sought out alternative activities. I offered to make seven pillows for my daughter/son-in-law’s home theatre. I figured it would take a significant amount of time and put a meaningful dent in Droughtlander. Wrong. I had all seven done in one weekend (sewn while listening to the Outlander soundtrack, mind you). My daughter is thrilled, and so am I (really), but it’s still March (and I’m not into March Madness, whatever that is).


My daughter threw me a life ring in the form of an additional request. To go with those cute pillows, would I be willing to make an afghan for each of the theatre chairs? Would I?!?!?! This is just what the doctor ordered! Seven afghans, each 3’ x 7’, plus fringe. The first one’s almost done, but if I pace myself, I can make this last until September. Even better, I can crochet while watching the first two seasons of Outlander, over and over again.




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