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I’m a writer. I need to write. So when I’m at a crossroads on my current project or lamenting the long response time of a query, blogs are my go-to salve.

I can free up my mind and write about whatever I want. If my brain latches onto chocolate chip cookies or ball-fringe, then so be it. My imagination picks the topic, and I’m happy to go wherever it leads me. What I’ve discovered in the process is that these seemingly-random topics turn out to be more in-depth and emotionally revealing than I could ever have imagined when I started writing them.


Writing blogs about TV programs is where I dipped my toe, and then dove right in. After seeing the season premier of Outlander (and racing to the bookstore for the books), I began writing blogs about the TV series. I was glad they aired on Saturday night, repeatedly. I watched the first time just to watch, the second to see if something struck a chord with me, a third to narrow it down, and the fourth to document what I needed for the actual writing. From eight o’clock to midnight, I was transported to 18th century Scotland or France.


Claire Jamie Faith
Photo Courtesy:  Outlander


Lately I’ve been to Cornwall (figuratively speaking), in the southwest of England, blogging about the Poldark series. I’ve actually traveled to this part of England, so it brings an added dimension to my blogging experience.


Photo Courtesy:  Poldark


I love writing blogs – they’re a mechanism for my creative mind to do some exploring, they’re published as soon as I want them to be, and they’re a way for me to maintain a presence in the world of writing when my other projects are awaiting responses or are on the back burner for one reason or another.

Writers need to promote themselves and their work. I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you can read about me and my work at


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