A Heart’s Story

They were a gift from a man who said she was the love of his life. She believed him to be honest, opened herself to him, and dared to be vulnerable.

Shamed and broken, she blamed herself for believing his tender, loving words. “You romantic fool!” she chastised herself again and again. “Will you never learn? True love does not exist – at least, not for you.”

She shut herself away, unwilling to reveal the shame of her scars to anyone or risk the pain of new ones. Reluctantly, she built a strong, impenetrable castle and settled herself within it. It was her emotional stronghold, secured with a lowered portcullis.

Perhaps in another life she would experience a love that was loyal and true. A love that was hers, and hers alone. Until then, she would wait and watch, hoping someone would prove her wrong.

Image credit:  Anne K. Hawkinson



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