First Bits – #1

Welcome to a brand new blog about my current novel-in-progress, The Ghost Writer!

I’ll be posting every now and then about my historical romance, its characters, and fascinating research bits that you won’t find anywhere else! New blog posts will be announced on my Facebook author page with a link that will take you to the full post.

I’m excited about this new connection between me (author) and you (reader)! You’ll get a glimpse into the process, my life as a writer, and you’ll have the opportunity to submit comments and feedback that just might end up on the page! Perhaps you can help choose a character’s name, gown color, or a trait that influences the other characters in the story. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

To get started, I’m going to introduce the characters that I have in place so far, along with the opening paragraph of the story. Enjoy!

New York City – present day:

Jenna Hickson, Padma Kumar, and a few others (friends, ex-boyfriend, boss, and an awesome Czech bakery downstairs from Jenna’s apartment!).

Scotland – 14th century:

Sophia deKeith, her brothers John and William (who were part of the deKeith family that actually lived at Dunnottar Castle), and a dark, handsome stranger who pays a visit. Oooh!

Opening paragraph of The Ghost Writer:

Jenna Hickson put the phone on speaker and struggled to hold it in her trembling hands. Stunned, she slid in slow-motion against the refrigerator to the floor as the phone spun across the oak planks, spewing pain and heartache into the empty air. Her chest gradually filled with a painful numbness that she couldn’t identify or control. “Ma’am? Are you still there?”

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Ready for more? Stay tuned and watch for future blog announcements!


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