A Man Appears – #6

Finally! There’s a man from our time on the page! I knew someone of the male gender needed to show up in Jenna’s time, but I wasn’t sure exactly when it would happen. As it turned out, Thomas Keith found just the right moment to make an appearance. I’ll tell you what I can about him without giving too much of the story away, but I can tell you that he’s a Scot!

One of the fun things about being a writer is that you get to create characters any way you want them to be. In Thomas’ case, I have all the freedom my brain is capable of to envision his physical self, his personality, and how he will fit into the storyline. And yes, I have a “type.”

Thomas is tall and muscular, with a darker complexion and just the right amount of body/facial hair. He has wavy, brown hair that curls just the right way from under any cap he wears. His eyes are green but in the right light (or lack of it) seem very dark, and they spark when emotions (good or bad) are aroused. You can’t see his dimples when he smiles because of his soft, neatly trimmed beard. I know this may not sound like a typical Scottish man (described sometimes as having light skin, blue eyes, and blonde or red hair), but I’ve decided to use my artistic license to create the guy I want to fill this role. Besides, he has some ancestry on his mother’s side that brought out these features. So, that settles that.

Are he and Jenna (who lives in New York City) going to meet? Absolutely! How is it going to happen when they’re on opposite sides of the world? Well, I’m not going to let a little geography stand in my way; I’m working that out, and they’ve already communicated on one level. They’re both pretty much clueless at this point (regarding each other), but that’s going to unfold as the story moves forward. They both have relationship “baggage,” so it’s going to be fun to unpack all of that and see where it leads!

Here’s a sneak peek of a tiny bit about Thomas:  He climbed into his small, blue pickup, pulled his hat down, and edged past the people lined up at the kiosk, nodding occasionally in greeting as a gardener or maintenance man would.

Until next time…

Image credit: clipart-library.com

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