Jackamiah’s Pond

When the night is full of mist

and shooting stars abound,

the oaks begin their slow descent

to Jackamiah’s Pond.

They drink their fill and wash their leaves,

then beckon to the moss

to line up at the water’s edge

and watch the Pathway’s Cross.

At three-past twelve the moon aligns

and shines into the door;

the lumpy toads come from within

and hop down to the shore.

As they jump upon the moss,

the maids that dwell within

alight onto a velvet boat

bound for Jetty Lin.

They stitch a quilt of gossamer

to warm them underground,

and gather sweet forget-me-nots

without a single sound.

All at once a breeze blows through;

the oaks call once again.

It’s time to board the velvet boats

away from Jetty Lin.

They laugh and talk and race a bit,

and as they touch the shore,

transform into the lumpy toads

just like they were before.

The velvet moss returns again

to niches in the log; last to leave,

the weary oaks tread uphill in the fog.

A rosy dawn spreads o’er the crest,

a silken, magic wand…

And all is tranquil for a time

on Jackamiah’s Pond.

Image credit: Anne K. Hawkinson


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