Across the Pond – #11

So… Jenna is finally on her way to Scotland!

She works for Posey Travel and has lots of travel miles built up, so she won’t be flying coach/economy. Still, the stress of getting there is pretty much the same for everyone (except for the wealthy or those who don’t need to make their own arrangements, so I’ll leave them out of the equation).

Jenna creates her own itinerary, researches the places she wants to visit, and checks to see what the temperature and weather conditions will be. She makes the transportation arrangements for her entire trip, beginning with the transfer from the airport to her first hotel. She makes her currency exchange either at the bank (they need lead time to have what you need on hand) or at the airport before she boards her flight.

Checked bag or carry-on? Jenna decides not to check a bag and takes a carry-on suitcase and her leather backpack. The smaller bag will be easier to navigate in the airport, she can stow it in the overhead bin, and it will be easier to handle on the numerous stops she’ll be making. April in Scotland is cool and rainy, so the collapsible umbrella and long, wool jacket are necessities.

She decides to take her “big” camera in case she finds a location that deserves more than a quick shot with her camera phone. Snacks (including those Dove chocolates she bought) are stashed in her backpack for easy access along with a small, tablet computer for quick blogs or note-taking. A novel is loaded onto her tablet; she always takes a book when she travels, even if there are but a few minutes left in the day to read.

A late afternoon flight usually works best for her. Everyone gets settled on the plane, drinks/snacks are served, and then dinner. After that, the lights are dimmed and passengers watch movies or sleep as best they can. Jenna feels a slight pang of guilt in her comfy, first-class seat, but knows she’s endured her share of long flights sitting in the middle seat of a five-seat row. The sun doesn’t completely set; as the sky darkens in the west, a soft glow hovers on the eastern horizon.

She reads an email from Tom, the man she’s been communicating with as a result of her inquiries about Dunnottar Castle. He’s set aside some books for her and has offered to take her on a personal tour. He doesn’t usually do this for a random tourist, so why Jenna? He’s not sure, and there are things about himself that he hasn’t revealed to her. Oooh! Things are going to get interesting!

Jenna answers the email, eager to visit the castle and meet him; he sounds mature and clever, but she can’t let her imagination take her any further. She’s visiting Scotland for possible travel destinations for her clients and Dunnottar Castle for her own, personal reasons. It would serve no purpose to get involved with someone half a world away. Besides, she knows nothing about him and tells her romantic mind to settle down. Good luck with that, Jenna!

Until next time …

Image credit: Anne K. Hawkinson


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