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What’s in a Name?

How do you decide on a name for the fictional characters you write about? I thought about my own process of choosing names – it varies, and it’s complicated. I might search for a name by thumbing through an old... Continue Reading →

Symbolism and that Pearl Necklace

If you had to choose an object that’s symbolic of your life, what would it be? Perhaps a 15th century castle to house your romantic thoughts and dreams. Something as fine and fragile as the papery petals of a poppy... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Format?

I have a T-shirt that says, “Even if it’s crap, get it on the page.” That started me thinking about how I write and the mechanisms I use to get the aforementioned crap from my brain to the page (be... Continue Reading →

Outlander and the Value of Patience

How does one survive the desert wasteland of Droughtlander? Each day brings September a bit closer, but it can’t come soon enough, if you ask me. Can patience be good or bad? Or is patience simply that, and manipulated by... Continue Reading →

Summer Sledding

It’s June in Florida. Hot and humid. The AC is running its heart out while the ceiling fans twirl in every room. When I step outside, it feels like I’m in a greenhouse. The weeds love it - you can... Continue Reading →

Ross Poldark and That Tiny, Silver Ring

That small, silver ring with the curvilinear “E” for “Elizabeth” had an interesting role to play in Season One of Poldark. Let’s take a glance back. Ross is about to leave with the military for the Americas. He and Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

Outlander and 18th Century Separation

Bidding farewell to a loved one in the 18th century was a constant test of the bond holding them together, coupled with the strength to carry on without them until they returned - if they did. You couldn’t call, or... Continue Reading →

Blogs – This Writer’s Balm

I’m a writer. I need to write. So when I’m at a crossroads on my current project or lamenting the long response time of a query, blogs are my go-to salve. I can free up my mind and write about... Continue Reading →

Poldark and the Power of Letters

Good stories thrive and survive on conflict, and Poldark serves it up in generous portions. That being said, my hopelessly-romantic heart sought to explore the life-changing power of letters (or lack of) in the 18th century drama. In Season One of... Continue Reading →

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