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Outlander and a Life Reclaimed

The moment I learned I was pregnant, every thought of myself coming first dissipated like the morning mist when the sun climbs up over the horizon. It became an automatic reflex in my life, a knee-jerk reaction. Children come first.... Continue Reading →


Of Things Lost, or Left Behind

Time marches on, leaving things behind – some within our control, others not. Loved ones pass from this life, relationships end (by our choice or not), and some things are literally lost. They’ve fallen from our grasp and we can’t... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Irma and the Round Lake Gene

Hurricane Irma left my central Florida yard a mess. I was luckier than some, losing power for just two days and no damage to my home or car. The mess I was faced with was initially overwhelming, and then the... Continue Reading →

Outlander and Truth’s Fragile Veneer

The thin veneer that hides the truth from the rest of the world is applied for reasons known only to the individual that wears it. It’s worn so that we can continue to function in the world as best we... Continue Reading →

Who Has the Crystal Ball?

I’m a writer. I write about a lot of things, but my primary genre’ is middle-grade. I recently finished the first novel in what will be a series of three. It’s been proofed, edited, and it’s all shined up and... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name?

How do you decide on a name for the fictional characters you write about? I thought about my own process of choosing names – it varies, and it’s complicated. I might search for a name by thumbing through an old... Continue Reading →

Symbolism and that Pearl Necklace

If you had to choose an object that’s symbolic of your life, what would it be? Perhaps a 15th century castle to house your romantic thoughts and dreams. Something as fine and fragile as the papery petals of a poppy... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Format?

I have a T-shirt that says, “Even if it’s crap, get it on the page.” That started me thinking about how I write and the mechanisms I use to get the aforementioned crap from my brain to the page (be... Continue Reading →

Outlander and the Value of Patience

How does one survive the desert wasteland of Droughtlander? Each day brings September a bit closer, but it can’t come soon enough, if you ask me. Can patience be good or bad? Or is patience simply that, and manipulated by... Continue Reading →

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